Claiming Webmaker Badges


Hello Mozillians! You guys are awesome for your behavior, contribution and love. We mozillians love to teach others and share our skills. And Webmaker is a good way to let it be done. Webmaker; a Mozilla project help you to create something awesome on web by webmaker tools such as Thimble, Popcorn Maker, X-Ray Goggles and App Maker. In Webmaker, contributors can claim badges according their contributions. There are badges for your skill sharing on web literacy, create an event of webmaker, remixing a teaching kit or making a new one. In here I’ll make you clear about how to claim a badge and which one is required for you.

Web Literacy Skill Sharer
This badge can be issued to people who have shared a web literacy skill and written about their experience on the web. Here’s how to earn this badge:

1) Explore the competencies listed in the Web Literacy Map

2) Choose one of the 15 competencies that you feel especially passionate about

3) Look at the list of skills underpinning that competency, and then share one of those with someone else – either using one of the suggested resources or by inventing your own way of teaching it

4) Share a blog post, video or image online illustrating how you taught the web literacy skill

5) Apply for the badge by clicking the ‘Apply’ button below

Claim your Web Literacy Skill Sharer badge here: Web Literacy Skill Sharer Badge


Event Host Badge
This badge can be issued to people who have hosted an event to teach the web. Here’s how to earn this badge:

1) Create an event. These detailed resources will help you plan and throw a fantastic event.

2) Once your event is over, update your event page with photos and links to the projects you and your participants created.

3) Apply for the badge by clicking the ‘Apply’ button below.

Claim your Event Host badge here: Webmaker Event Host Badge


Teaching Kit Remixer
This badge can be issued to people who have remixed a Teaching Kit or Activity and published it online. Here’s how to earn this badge:

1) Explore the most popular kits and activities.

2) Try one out the next time you teach digital skills, web literacy or web making. Take note of what worked well and what didn’t.

3) Remix the kit or activity by adding your own ideas, lesson plans and resources. Here are a few tips for creating great teaching kits.

4) Publish the kit by saving it on

5) Apply for the badge by clicking the ‘Apply’ button below.

Claim your Teaching Kit Remixer badge here: Webmaker Teaching Kit Remixer Badge


Webmaker Mentor
This badge is issued by Mozilla to Webmaker community members who teach others. Mentors are proficient in web literacy, contribute to the Webmaker community, and create and remix openly-licensed resources for others to use.

For more on becoming a Webmaker Mentor, see here.

Claim your Webmaker Mentor badge here: Webmaker Mentor Badge




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Maker Party at AIUB


Maker Party is a global event of Webmaker project of Mozilla all over the world. This is the biggest event of Mozilla and its innovative indeed. As various varsities of various regions all over the world are participating in this event. So, We the Firefox Student Ambassadors of AIUB also determined to do a Maker Party at American International University- Bangladesh (AIUB). We decided to make it happen on 11th September, 2014 and fixed a time which is 11AM to 4PM. We confirm all the permissions from our varsity authority and booked our seminar room. Then the time is for decoration and we decorated the whole seminar room with colors and balloons. 10703536_4774303732626_288095437230818995_nAfter doing lots of affords, finally the time came to rock. We all the FSA reached at our premises just at 8 O’clock and started testing microphone, speakers, projector and stand-by electric connection. The Mozilla Bangladesh community members (Ashikur Rahman Noor, Laila Mustari Shawon, S Muhammad Mohi-Us Sunnat, Rifaz Nahiyan) were also there just in time to help and visit our event. Our participant stated coming from 10:30AM and we did an attendance booth outside of our seminar room. For some Wi-Fi connection problem we have to delay for a while. After shooting all the troubles the event finally get started with the introductory speech of Mr. Salman Rahman Desh. He presents the Maker Party details in a nut shell and took a session on Popcorn Maker.ARN_3045 After that our next session taker Md. Anisur Rahman took a session on Thimble and did some ice-breaking session by playing some funny games and provided swags.IMG_8312 10660344_689524291123020_6790656410714241585_nMeanwhile it was already around 2PM and as our event time was from 11AM to 4PM so we provided lunch to the participants. After lunch our third session was taken by Mr. Rifaz Nahiyan on AppMaker, he taught how one can make an open web based app just by doing drag and drop, no code needed!10612919_689523827789733_2789788933129654622_n This is how our session taking segment ended and our participant stated to make based on topic called “Bangladeshi Culture and Cultural Activities”. We also provided essential tools like Sign pens, White papers, Colorful Papers for drawing and making paper toys.ARN_2954 Our participant made super awesome paper toys like paper camera, National Flag of Bangladesh, barking dog, swan, kite, plane etc. Some participant use Popcorn Maker for making video tutorial and event some also made web based apps in where one participant made a camera application by which he use his laptop camera to capture his photo! Some also made their life’s first webpage by using thimble.ARN_3006 ARN_3022ARN_2994 IMG_8328ARN_3030We captured all the photos of their creative works also provided them T-shirts and Maker Party Certificate. At last we held a question-answer session regarding Maker Party and Firefox OS, we able to answer all their creative and curious questions. At the end of the day the event was too much awesome and all the participants enjoyed this event very much.moasic Their feedback inspired us and we are now thinking to do more events like Firefox OS Apps training day, Webmaker event and localization. Thanks to all the FSA of Firefox at AIUB [Specially Khalid Syfullah, Safayet Hossain, Asif Raihan, Mahbub Alam Papun and many more] for making the Maker Party success and Mozilla Bangladesh to inspire and help us. And very thankful to Mozilla for doing such type of initiative event and project to literate the nation about open web and how to use web perfectly. Thanks to the Almighty.

cover pic

Maker Party at AIUB

IRC (Internet Relay Chat)


Welcome Mozillian, As you may know the communication process of Mozilla mainly held through IRC(Internet Relay Chat) and Mailing list. There are also some other ways to communicate but these two are main. Today I’m going to share with you the activation of IRC. You have two options to join such as Mibbit and ChatZilla. Mibbit is a chat Network and you can join it through a Nick name, Network name and  Channel name. Here is the process below:


1Step-1: As per google search results press on the green highlighted “IRC Networks” showing above or you may also visit this link


Step-2: After finishing Step-1 you will have a webpage like showing above where you may notice a text box to search a particular channel. In here you have to write you desired channel which “#bangladesh” (channel names are not case sensitive).

3Step-3: Finishing Step-2 there will be a list of search result and related search results. You have to pick the highlighted result given above which is “Mozilla: #bangladesh”. Press on the link called “Connect”.

Step-4: You are almost there, your desired channel “#bangladesh” has been selected. Now you have to give an unique name to enter the chat-room.

5Congratulation! You made it.


For ChatZilla, first you need a Firefox Browser as ChatZilla is an add-ons of Firefox Browser. You are always suggested to use the updated version of Firefox Browser which will give you a better performance and security.

Step-1: Go to Menu and select “Add-ons” option (Firefox browser below v.30 Tools>Add-ons). Now select “Get Add-ons” to install a new add-on.

1.AStep-2: Type “ChatZilla” on the search box of “Get Add-on” option which is given above.

1.BStep-3: From the search result choose “ChatZilla” and install. Avoid other results cause of different languages.

1.EStep-4: In latest Firefox Browser you will have a customization option on your Menu bar. Pick ChatZilla and drag it to Menu bar for your better purpose and open it. (Firefox browser below v.30 Tools>ChatZilla).

1.FStep-5: Opening the ChatZilla, you will have a tab like above. Now select your Network by pressing “moznet”. And press the “IRC” button on the upper menu bar of ChatZilla and then click “Join Channel”.

1.GStep-6: Your Network name is already selected, now put your Channel name which is “#bangladesh” and click “Join” button showing above. You entered the your desired chat-room. Now pick an unique name. Happy Chatting!

Protect Net Neutrality


mozilla bangladesh logo

Tell U.S. Congress: Protect Net Neutrality

As of now, the Internet preserves our right to access all lawful content and software without interference. In other words, the Web is a level playing field: you can read, watch, play, browse and share on the same terms as everybody else.

That level playing field — or “Net Neutrality” — is under threat. If we stand by, the Internet could become increasingly closed, centrally controlled and designed to serve the few instead of the many. It’s up to us to protect the open Web.

That’s where you come in. Now more than ever, we need to come together as a community, with a unified voice and solution, to protect the world’s largest public resource. It’s up to Congress through its oversight authority to make sure the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) adopts rules to keep the Internet accessible to everyone. Mozilla needs your voice to make that happen.

Mozilla already submitted a letter to the FCC that explains our support for Net Neutrality and why U.S. leaders must enact real authority to maintain it. The FCC is presenting Mozilla’s proposal for comment — which is a BIG step, but we need to make sure Congress follows through. Will you add your name to make sure Congress supports Mozilla’s call for real authority to protect Net Neutrality?

Mozilla will make sure to deliver your signature — along with those of everyone who signs — directly to members of Congress. And we’ll never stop fighting for an open Web.

We all want to protect Net Neutrality and want to put our names but there is a condition required that only USA citizen can be able to put their name or to do vote. As Web is playing a vital role in our daily life and it’s totally impossible to run a single day without web, which is also seems in Bangladesh too. Bangladesh in not a backward country anymore, moreover Bangladesh is leading a big role in IT sector all over the world. And we Bangladeshi also want to fight for our rights, the rights of open web. So my request to those Bangladeshi open web lovers whom are currently living in USA, fight for this right on behalf of Bangladesh and do vote by putting your name to protect Net Neutrality. The Web is yours, mine and ours’. Love the web and built the future.

Here is the link of the form:

Share this news to all open web lovers and be a part to save the web.

Mozilla Contributor Mentoring Day 2014 @AIUB


Mozilla Contributor Mentoring Day was held on 13th March, 2014 at American International 10014998_304898596327585_1635204927_nUniversity-Bangladesh (AIUB). The event duration was about 2 hours which starts from 12 pm and breaks out at 2pm. The event was organized by Firefox Student Ambassadors of AIUB and the event was completely based on the basic of communication, collaboration and contribution to/of the Mozilla community.10001316_306903339460444_1830499467_n

Event’s agendas were:

1.       Introduction of Mozilla

2.       IRC(Internet Relay Chat)

3.       Mailing List

At the first of the event Ratul Minhaz (Mozilla Reps) introduced with Mozilla to everyone and later on continued his flow with Shibly Bin Sarwar on the topic of Mailing List in details. They discussed about

  • How to open a mailing list and
  • How to use.

10011515_306904552793656_344840697_n1926727_306904686126976_676906236_n 1939722_306904396127005_1333628938_nAbdullah Al Imran did a speech on the topic of IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and showed the use of an add-on called ChatZilla. In his speech he discussed about

  •  moznet (Mozilla network)
  •  Bangladesh Channel and
  •  How to use IRC along with IRC rules and regulations.

The number of the participant was about 30(thirty). Entire event was volunteered by Md Anisur Rahman, Salman Rahman Desh, Alvi Nibir (Photographer) and so on.


মজিলাতে অংশগ্রহণের পর কি করবো?


Mozillaমজিলা ফায়ারফক্স স্টুডেন্ট অ্যাম্বাসিডর হিসেবে সফলভাবে রেজিস্ট্রেশনের পর মজিলাতে কন্ট্রিবিউট করার জন্য নিম্ন লিখিত ধাপ গুলো আপনাকে সাহায্য করবে বলে আশা করি:

*বাংলাদেশের মজিলা কমিউনিটির সাথে যুক্ত থাকার জন্য ফেসবুকের মাধ্যমে MozillaBD গ্রুপটিতে যোগ দিন।

*সাপ্তাহিক অন-লাইন কার্যালাপে যোগ দিতে রুমে যান। (Nick এ ব্যবহৃত নামটি আপনার IRC নাম হিসেবে গণ্য হয়ে থাকে।)

*মজিলা pootle লোকালাইজেশন এর ক্ষেত্রে সাইটটি ব্যবহার করুন।

* MDN(Mozilla Developer Network) এর মাধ্যমে লোকালাইজেশনের জন্য সাইটটি ব্যবহার করুন।

*মজিলা এবং মজিলিয়ানদের সাথে সম্পৃক্ত থাকার জন্য সাইটটিতে যেয়ে প্রফাইল বানিয়ে নিন।